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For businesses, moving operations to the cloud has become a best practice but doing so without having proper operational and information governance controls in place is a recipe for failure.

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Privacy Controls in Microsoft 365


    Microsoft 365 can store and process a large amount of sensitive information, such as financial data, personally identifiable information (“PII”), and confidential business information. Privacy controls help ensure that this information is protected and only accessed by authorized individuals.


    Many industries have specific regulations regarding data privacy, such as GDPR and HIPAA. Privacy controls help organizations ensure that they are in compliance with these regulations and avoid costly fines.


    Privacy controls give users control over their personal information and how it is used. This can include things like choosing which data to share, setting permissions for accessing their data, and controlling the retention of their information.


    Privacy controls also help promote transparency in how organizations collect, use, and share personal information. This can build trust with customers and partners and increase confidence in the security of their data.


    M365 privacy controls enhance an organization’s reputation by demonstrating its commitment to protecting personal data and ensuring the privacy of its customers and employees.

ID's Workshop

  • Litigation Workshop

    Gain confidence in your litigation workflows in M365 by gaining an understanding of how content is stored in M365, where you need to search for relevant content and how you can streamline your workflow to attain Microsoft 365 litigation readiness.

  • Records Consultation

    Let Innovative Driven educate you on Purview compliance solutions and how best to implement Records Management capabilities specifically for how you do business.

  • Privacy Consultation

    Innovative Driven’s team of experts will help mature your organization’s privacy program and align them to relevant privacy regulations through our experienced recommendations right sized to your organization.

  • DLP / Classification

    Develop a strategy and blueprint for protecting and governing your information in Microsoft365. Let Innovative Driven experts guide you through building a strategy for implementation.

  • Intelligent Migration

    Develop a plan to intelligently migrate on premise file shares to Microsoft 365 eliminating clutter and create a lean content landscape.

  • Operational Governance

    Innovative Driven’s Operational Governance offerings help companies achieve the right balance of user freedom and self-service while ensuring compliance with corporate policies maintaining a secure complaint Microsoft 365 environment.

  • Post-assessment Roadmap

    Many organizations have done the assessments, know where the risks are but are not sure how to proceed. Let Innovative Driven turn the assessments, recommendations and risk into an actionable roadmap that will help you operationalize those recommendations.

  • Policy to Practice

    You have done the hard work, creating the policies to supporting the organizations principles, now let Innovative Driven’s experts turn those policies into reality by operatizing the implementation, change management and controls needed to support them.

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