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Innovative Driven is committed to empowering our team members to achieve greatness. We thrive on our winning culture!


We are committed to investing in the professional growth of our people. We secure the best talent, regardless of location.  We guarantee monthly one-on-one meetings with their manager to discuss individual goals, performance, and growth opportunities within multiple career paths. Employees are encouraged to become the best version of themselves.


We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and reward those who make an impact. We support a Six Sigma and Process improvement mentality: work smarter, not harder. Encouraging new ideas promotes an opportunity for change and improvement as well as personal and professional growth.


We keep everyone in the know, and we celebrate our successes. Communication is a crucial part of our culture. Every employee is a valued business partner, and we meet regularly to discuss company performance and recognize our outstanding team members.


We provide the training & resources necessary to enable success. We make it a mission, not a job. We invest in industry-leading tools and technologies so our employees can provide the highest level of support and service to their customers. We arm our sales team with the necessary resources to generate, nurture, and build client relationships.


We believe that organizations thrive when team members are proud to be onboard. Employee satisfaction is a top priority. We seek the best so we can work with the best. From competitive benefits and challenging projects to office celebrations and team-building initiatives, we find positive outcomes and encourage happiness and laughter every day.

Town Halls

Once a month, join the entire company for updates, open and transparent communication from company leaders, awards, and introductions to new team members.

Finding the right fit makes all the difference. ID's strength is its people and culture. These are the traits that make us great!

  • Mission

    A dedicated team who understands the importance of the work we do. Anyone can just punch a time clock. The work we do affects the lives of thousands, if not millions. Everyone understands the importance of what we do, and mistakes are not an option.

  • Service

    When our clients win, we win. We do things right the first time and enable our clients to succeed.  We make it easy to do business with us, and our clients can count on us to consistently deliver the highest quality results.

  • Growth

    What we do, we do well.  We strive to be exceptional in everything we do. We continue to develop and improve both personally and professionally through constant learning and invested leadership.

  • Respect

    We energize, engage, and motivate others to do their best work! Building positive relationships and creating genuine connections with our coworkers, partners, and clients are critical. We value diversity and collaboration, and understand our differences will help us succeed.

  • Improvement

    If you are not improving, then you are falling behind. It takes a village to support our clients’ technology needs, and we strive to continuously improve our systems, automation, best practices, and methodologies. Data and technology are ever-changing, so we must evolve to keep up. No status quo here!

  • Communication

    Listen, review, resolve, and over-communicate! Honest and consistent communication is essential. We strive to evaluate specific needs, research viable options, and present the best solutions to achieve optimum results. Team members are challenged and encouraged to over-communicate while performing at their highest level.

  • Ownership

    We all own the mission and will keep it on course. We are accountable to each other and to our clients. We are empowered to “stop the bus” and ask questions whenever necessary. Teams approach each project with a 30,000-foot view to ensure every detail is taken into consideration.

Giving Back

  • Employee Charity Matching

    ID strongly encourages and promotes community giving by employees. Many of our employees are intimately involved in causes important to them, from helping the homeless to working with animals. ID matches employee donations and investments of their time to organizations they support, and we’re proud to have supported a long list of organizations over the years, including organizations that fight hunger, working to find a cure for cancer, providing educational opportunities to youth, and much more.

  • Civic Pride Day

    ID Civic Day was created to encourage our ID team to give back to the community. In addition to our standard PTO, employees now have an additional paid day off to use for community service. Please take time to consider meaningful ways you can make an impact and enjoy this time away from work.

ID’s process improvement program

Our people thrive because they are encouraged to do great things; they are put in an environment that encourages them think big and constantly look for ways to improve. Our employee empowerment program fuels our dynamic “bottom-up” culture and benefits the clients with continuous process improvement, standardized automation, and INNOVATION!

  • Our empowerID process improvement is built around internal OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)
  • Intel famously implemented OKRs in the 70’s and some of the people from Intel brought OKRs to Google who implemented it very early in their life – and it’s still used there today.
  • Benefits of this framework include better focus on results that matter, increased transparency and better strategic alignment.
  • Every quarter, every department is challenged to identify and complete 2-3 OKR’s to improve operations of our client facing services. They are transformational objectives that require a total team effort.
  • We are always looking for ways to get better – to improve outcomes and processes– that’s part of our DNA – it’s woven into the fabric of who we are as a company.
  • Our people are great, because they’re encouraged to do great things, they’re put in an environment that lets them think big, to think outside the box and constantly look for ways to improve.

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