Analytics & Managed Review Services

Analytics & Managed Review Services

A managed review should be defensible, efficient, and painless. ID offers flexible and personalized options and we know the questions to ask to identify the details and build your personalized workflow.

ID takes a consultative approach for every project to determine the most efficient review workflow, leveraging analytics, to help identify critical information faster.

Moreover, we offer on-premise and remote options warranting you can implement a secure and efficient review to accomplish your goals.

The ID Difference

  • We have the most flexible review options available.
  • Our review attorneys are part of the team – and it makes a difference.
  • We are experts at implementing analytics and will consult with you to get the most out of the latest and greatest options. We know money matters, and analytics is the true cost-saver!
  • If, not when you experience a data breach, our data breach review can help you get back on your feet with speed and confidence.


  • Remote Review

    ID’s remote review offering provides a secure, economical, and well-managed alternative solution by utilizing an experienced and completely remote talent pool in markets across the U.S., providing the flexibility and cost-efficiency you want, with the confidence and security you need.

    Features of the program include:

    • Five-point security screening on remote computers including anti-virus and malware
    • software validation, virus and malware scans, registry and existing software review
    • Virtual Desktop (VDI) solution with features including the ability to restrict downloads and IP addresses
    • Ability to support many concurrent reviews without performance degradation
    • A robust database of candidates vetted for remote access
    • Industry-leading background check process

    Here’s how we secure a review conducted remotely:

    • Protected devices
    • Secure work environments, such as Citrix and Microsoft Remote Desktop
    • Secure email and communications software
    • Control over use of peripherals, particularly printers or external storage devices
    • Unique passwords and multifactor authentication
    • Ability to lock down any authorized printed materials, such as coding manuals
    • Monitor reviewer presence
    • Remote Work Policies and Procedures
    • Top-notch talent pool
  • Data Breach Review

    When you’ve completed everything possible to protect your organization, and hackers still manage to attack where it hurts, it’s imperative to stop the bleeding instantly but also tend to the wound.

    You have no time to waste. ID works with you immediately to review the breached data and identify sensitive information allowing you to assess the severity of the breach as quickly as possible. Our experience and technology help expedite the response time, saving time and money, and allowing you to get back on your feet. ID’s rapID file transfer provides the ability to get potentially compromised data to us up to 25X faster than regular data transfers so there is never a hold-up.

    Our data breach review provides:

    • Identification of sensitive data
    • Entity extraction and normalization
    • Compliance
    • Analytics
    • Dedicated experts
  • On-Premise Review

    ID provides a full suite of analytics tools and delivers a metrics-driven solution. Working with the experienced analytics and managed review team in our secured review centers provides you with:

    • Customized and strategic workflows
    • Expert consultants, legal technologists
    • Locations in highly litigious markets
    • Analytics and technology-assisted review
      Best-of-breed technology
    • Comprehensive vetting of contract resources

Technologies/Strategies – Platforms

ID offers a full suite of analytics and machine learning tools and best-in-class data breach assessment technology expertise. These software suites are supported by ID’s team of expert analytics consultants who will proactively work with you every step of the way.

  • Relativity
    • Relativity’s Conceptual Analytics suite includes the following tools:
      • Categorization
      • Clustering & Cluster Visualization
      • Concept Search
      • Find Similar Documents
      • Keyword Expansion
      • Predictive Coding leveraging either TAR 1.0 (Sample-based Learning) or TAR 2.0 (Continuous Active Learning)
    • Relativity’s Structured Analytics suite includes the following tools:
      • Email Threading
      • Textual Near Duplicate Identification
      • Language Identification
      • Repeated Content Identification
      • Name Normalization & Entity Extraction
      • Communications Analysis
  • Brainspace
    • Brainspace is a powerful investigatory tool that – when leveraged through discussions with ID’s expert consultants – can lead to “aha!” moments in minutes instead of days.
    • Brainspace’s implementation includes the following Conceptual Analytics:
      • Clustering & Cluster Visualization
      • User-modifiable Conceptual Search
      • Similar Document Identification
      • Keyword Expansion via Conceptual Search
      • Predictive Coding as well as Continuous Multimodal Learning to support traditional batch-based reviews as well as CAL-style reviews
    • Brainspace’s implementation includes the following Structured Analytics:
    • Email Threading
    • Textual Near Duplicate Identification
    • Boilerplate Content Identification
    • Entity Extraction
    • Immersive Communications Analysis allowing users to easily identify key communicators and corresponding topics
  • Data Breach Analysis
    • ID has partnered with data breach-specific software providers to ensure clients are able to assess, catalog, and notify in the case of a data breach as efficiently and easily as possible.

Legal Staffing

ID fully understands the importance of staffing the right team of contract reviewers and treats recruiting accordingly – as an independent service offering that requires as much care and diligence as any other step in the project lifestyle. ID conducts its recruiting and staffing services wholly in-house and has developed an extensive screening process to identify ONLY those candidates making an immediate and meaningful contribution to our clients.

To put our money where our mouth is, we use our talent acquisition service to recruit for own team and we are constantly impressed with the talent we bring in. Our team isn’t the best by accident!

  • Multi-Lingual Capabilities

    ID has provided foreign language candidates in over 30 languages. ID provides all our foreign language reviewers with a timed, legal reading comprehension exam in their language of choice. Some of the languages we have staffed include: Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

  • Web-based Timekeeping

    ID offers a secure, web-based timekeeping system in which candidates enter their time worked which ensures accuracy and integrity. With this platform, clients and candidates may access the timekeeping software 24 hours a day, facilitating up-to-the-minute information.

  • 24-Hour Service Team

    Our goal at ID is to consistently exceed your expectations and make your life easier. That is why we created a 24-hour service. Our service includes personalized, consistent attention from knowledgeable professionals, access to our vast network of legal contacts around the country, and the ability to meet even the most demanding assignment requirements and timeframes.

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