Specialized Recruiting

We understand the sophistication of your needs when it comes to hiring specialized talent. ID’s Specialized Recruiting was created to solve our clients unique and sophisticated hiring needs, and we are redefining how specialized talent and clients connect.

We focus on helping you find specialized talent in permanent, temporary-to-permanent, and temporary roles. We source talent with highly specific skill sets and provide both our clients and our top-notch talent with a unique and personalized experience.

Our vast experience in the staffing space has allowed us to evolve as our clients’ need for talent has increased, leveraging our expertise and network to place high-demand specialized talent.

Focus on what you do best, and let the ID Specialized Recruiting team find your perfect match to do the rest!

What Sets Us Apart

  • Connection

    Our Specialized team truly believes that we are here to meet the needs of both clients and candidates. We strive to connect them with the perfect match. We identify the best talent for our clients, and we fully support that talent throughout the entire process.

  • Communication

    Communication is at the center of our philosophy. We provide accurate market assessments to clients and present candidates which may be even slightly “out of-the-box”. This vision leads to honest communication that creates an open dialogue that allows the client to find the perfect talent for their team.

  • Repeated Success

    This singular focus on doublesided customer-centricity has developed a repeated pattern of success. People are our passion.

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What Our Clients Say

Robb & James have been incredibly patient and helpful during our experiences working together and I am thankful for that! They also have always made the process easy, quick, and simple. Their guidance is much appreciated.


This was our first experience with ID, and they were great! John and Vlad were very helpful and always available to answer any questions throughout the process.


Superb service at every level!


International Container Shipping Company

Quick and perfect – responsive all the time (more than expected)


Great working with Danielle Diaz, Laura, and their recruiting team (Zory and Riley). They always make us feel like a priority!!


Law Firm

The team was supportive and understood our needs and deadlines. They worked quickly to problem solve and create solutions.


Major Mobile Company

By far the most responsive vendor I have ever worked with.


Team was responsive and looked to fulfill all my needs.


ID is great to work with and our experience has been great!


ID’s customer service is unbeatable and willing to work with the client on every level.


Gray Reed - Houston

The ID team was an integral part of our case teams last year. Everyone was friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable.


Innovative Driven

Innovative Driven provides outstanding customer service, from start to finish. Proposals are very thoughtful and provide a very good sense of the estimated costs and variables involved. Throughout the course of working on a document review, the team is


Steptoe & Johnson, LLP - Washington, D.C.