Email Archive Migration

Our consultants perform email migration for some of the world's largest and most complex organizations

Moving large volumes from one system to another doesn't mean a 1-to-1 migration. We only migrate what’s necessary, with a complete audit of every migrated item - cleaning and disposing of data no longer on legal hold. We also perform a full eDiscovery compliance review before, during, and after migration.

Why Migrate?

Operational Efficiency

Moving collaboration and productivity tools to the cloud offers faster, more convenient access to archives, simplifies eDiscovery, and reduces storage costs. By selectively migrating content of business value, organizations enhance search capabilities and optimize resource allocation, enabling efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Security & Compliance

The average company has 30+ tools to stop the next breach and operate on a limited security budget. Enhance the protection of your data with platform providers who invest billions in cybersecurity or with an experienced service provider. Both make operating within the modern business world's privacy compliance challenges easier. Operating in a cloud environment also benefits you with the latest updates and technology.

Legal & IT Success

Your firm or company has continuous obligations in the management of evidence. A successful migration minimizes the firm or company footprint, thus having downstream effects such as potential breach exposure and litigation budgets – while improving your process and yielding faster access to information.

Platform Agnostic

Our consultants have deep expertise in migrating to and from various sources and targets.

Common Concerns to Email Migration

Intricate projects require focused project coordination and minimal impact on your workforce. We ask questions such as: Who is going to manage communications? Does a phased approach make sense for your business? How do we maintain full regulatory compliance and eDiscovery capability?

Typical costs include extraction from a previous archive, renewal cycles and penalty charges, migration costs, and onboarding costs. After migration, you'll want to factor in ongoing training, productivity improvements, and adoption to maximize your investment return. We help contextualize the financial benefits, such as maintaining separate email archive solutions, centralization into a Cloud environment, and workforce efficiency.

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