Managed Services

Choose to own your eDiscovery platform and associated infrastructure, or employ a SaaS model with minimal investment in software, training, or personnel.


Engaging in a Managed Services relationship enables clients to mature their legal departments by diversifying their software offerings across a scalable, dedicated environment that offers flexibility, built-in cost efficiency, and advanced business intelligence reporting.

On Demand vs. Subscription

Determine if Managed Services is the right fit for you with a full do-it-yourself (DIY) or self-administered environment before you commit to a subscription - no minimum data size across.

You have a growing data footprint or a preference for DIY infrastructure in your eDiscovery solution, and a willingness to explore cost recovery with business intelligence reporting.

Ready to Know More About Managed Service?

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Why Managed Services?

Technology & Scalability

Access to industry best platforms and ID's custom software solutions, with full administrative rights in a dedicated DIY environment. Scale without the long-term capital expenditure to meet computing and storage demands.

Reporting & Cost Recovery

Benefit from the best business intelligence tools on the market, with reporting on spend and user utilization to help advise on better business decisions. Our team will create a customized model scenario if you're looking for cost-recovery potential.

Exceptional Experts & Consulting

Subject matter experts who serve as an extension of your team, consulting on legal tech, and tailored workflows to meet organizational needs. Our team of litigation support personnel, project managers, data specialists, forensics technicians, and managed review attorneys are all at your disposal 24/7/365.


Environments built with the same, and in some cases more stringent, specifications as what the government requires for the world's most sensitive data. Our hosting environments are ISO 27001 certified, PCI DSS validated, SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, and FedRAMP & StateRAMP authorized.

Continued Legal Education & Successful Adoption

Training (or retraining) to educate your teams on workflow improvements. We'll provide custom efforts to support internal adoption and the overall success of your managed services environment.

What should I Consider for Successful Managed Services?

Case Studies

Problem: Our client, a leading Government Contracting company, was looking for a FedRAMP Authorized DIY Environment to meet their needs around Information Governance/Consolidation of multiple legacy and fast-moving litigations. Due to Government regulations and protocols, the offer was contingent on meeting all FedRAMP stipulations and allowing them contractual flexibility.

Solution: We prepared a dedicated Do-It-Yourself environment within our FedRAMP instance, allowing the system software/hardware to meet their stringent technological, infrastructure, and security-based requirements. The client’s dedicated environment allowed for ease of use, monitoring, auditing of data/user access, and a consolidated data repository for the current needs of their legacy/fast-moving litigations.

Execution: We worked diligently with our client to understand all requirements of their overall objectives while allowing them the freedom to avoid contractual lockdowns common in their area of business. Our client effectively migrated their growing data footprint into a consolidated environment to increase Information Governance and significantly reduce spending. From a cost standpoint, Innovative Driven was able to leverage discounted rates and bundled services (based on the client’s primary areas of need) to create a single monthly, predictable cost model.

Results: We provided our client with a complete do-it-yourself managed services solution within a FedRAMP environment to support the entire information and litigation lifecycle. Further, we were able to customize a contractual approach to the managed services solution that fit the client’s budgetary needs and was premised largely on contractual flexibility/scalability. Consequently, as our client’s data footprint grew from 100s of GBs to 10s of TBs, we dynamically evolved the managed services solution to address our clients changing needs. This contractual flexibility, managed services, and business intelligence combination allowed us to “right size” the contract on the fly after only four months (of a three-year contract), which mitigated five figures of monthly “burst charges” for our client.

Problem: Our client, a prominent Government agency representing multiple committees and sub-committees, was looking for a FedRAMP Authorized environment to meet their needs around Information Governance/Consolidation of multiple legacy and fast-moving litigations. Due to Government regulations and protocols, the offer was contingent on meeting all FedRAMP stipulations and allowing them contractual flexibility with a primary focus on security and mitigating extraneous data costs.

Solution: We prepared a centralized, secure, and dedicated environment within our FedRAMP instance that not only met but surpassed the agency’s stringent requirements. The centralized environment allowed ease of use, monitoring, auditing of data/user access, and a consolidated data repository for the current needs of their legacy/fast-moving litigations across both partisan and bi-partisan committees.

Execution: We worked closely and diligently with our client to understand all requirements about their overall objectives. As security was the utmost concern, we worked hand in hand with the agency’s Chief Security Officer to ensure security was implemented at the highest level. Our client effectively migrated their growing footprint of data into a consolidated environment for increased Information Governance, allowing access to a centralized data repository with enhanced security controls across both partisan and bipartisan committees. Further, by leveraging a single native data repository for both partisan and bipartisan committees, we were able to generate significant cost savings for the agency.

Results: Our rigorous scoping of the potential agency engagement, coupled with a consultative approach and advanced business intelligence, allowed us to customize a managed services solution that was uniquely tailored to the Government agency’s security, budgeting, technological, and servicing needs. Further, our proactive monitoring and program management of the ongoing engagement allowed us to dynamically evolve the agency offering so as to confer greater benefit to the agency. As the agency’s data requirements shifted, we configured a new solution to address our clients evolving needs, such as changing environmental controls, access configurations, and flexible data storage solutions. We remain fully compliant with the contract and have used our business intelligence and program management to minimize expected spending significantly. As such, the agency is extremely happy and will continue to grow its relationship with us into 2024.


Problem: Prior to engaging with us, the client’s Litigation Support group worked with numerous Relativity-based vendors where they experienced two recurring pain points. First, the client wanted a higher level of administrative access to their hosting platform as a means to help them limit the amount of billable project management hours they typically spend (by performing more work themselves). Second, the client felt they had not received sufficient training on the best practices for using Relativity. Because of this, there were frequently repeated hiccups and hurdles in their experience using the platform. This often resulted in the halting of review or work as they had to escalate issues each time to eventually receive their solution. Ultimately, these two pain points made the clients feel as though they were less autonomous in managing day-to-day ongoing matters to limit project management-related expenses.

Solution: In order to quell these pain points and to increase the client’s autonomy within their desired platform – Relativity, we built out a dedicated “self-serve” environment for the client that provided full administrative access for all functions within the Relativity platform, including but not limited to the direct loading of data into the tool, processing, deduplication, and filtering of data, review, production. Additionally, our Program Management team worked with the client to formulate a rigorous training schedule that was immediately implemented to get the client to a place of self-sufficiency. The belief was that dedicating specific time with the team across a formalized training module would promote a better overall understanding of the platform and how to navigate when using Relativity.

Execution: Our IT and Operations teams built a client environment in an expedited timeline and provided the client with full administrative access to that environment ahead of the desired timeline. Simultaneous with the environment build, our Program Management team collaborated with the client to identify key training areas regarding the administration of Relativity and devised a list of training topics accordingly. Once a list of topics was finalized, we prepared and practiced walkthrough training to ensure both accuracy and efficiency and then performed live interactive training sessions with the client. A recording of these training sessions was also made available to the client for future reference.

Results: In two weeks, we successfully built out the client’s dedicated Relativity environment, including full administrative access and DIY functionality for all users. Within those two weeks, we implemented a rigorous Relativity training module that taught the client’s administrative users how to autonomously execute all functions within the environment. The client reported a significant reduction in billable project management hours relative to previous months due to their ability to execute tasks previously reserved for vendors. Further, the client continues to leverage our project management team for additional training to discuss more advanced topics, such as the use of analytics or best practices around the processing of messaging data, which continues to both improve efficiency and lower their end cost.

Problem: Our client, a leading global transport and logistics company, was issued a 2nd Request, which required a quick turnaround of multi-continent collections, processing of ~3 TB of data, document review services, analytic analysis, and production of responsive documents. Due to privacy concerns, all data needed to be stored in a data center located in the European Union. Further, the client required multiple software packages to account for the ever-changing sources of discovery.

Solution: We created a dedicated environment for our client within our EU data center and implemented a managed services solution within that environment to comply with all EU and US privacy laws. The scalability of the environment allowed us to handle larger than expected volumes of Relativity data processing, document production exports, and analytics. We also leveraged our Expert Consulting Group, which specializes in creating customized workflows, to support multi-continent collections. Finally, we provided a team of dedicated project managers and senior consultants for 24/7/365 support of all services, including consulting, forensics, project management, litigation support, and managed document review.

Execution: We worked closely with Counsel to receive and collect (where needed) any pertinent data. Solutions were also provided to remotely collect data using data collection kits across multiple continents while leveraging our Expert Consulting group to identify and navigate differences in data privacy laws in those jurisdictions were created and implemented. Dedicated Analytics and Managed Review teams were utilized to efficiently identify and review the most relevant documents while rolling productions were performed. Finally, an additional 8-TB was integrated into the existing 24-TB Managed Services environment in under 48 hours to manage the exponentially larger amount of data for the 2nd Request than anticipated.

Results: By utilizing a global managed services solution, the client streamlined and strengthened their eDiscovery process and reduced their overall legal spend by ~$1.2 million (when compared against our standard ala carte rates). This included identifying and removing ~3 million documents before review by Innovative Driven’s document review team. Overall, the court’s deadlines and expectations were exceeded, resulting in the client being thrilled with our ability to adapt to a fast-moving and ever-changing request.

Problem: Savvy clients require access to metrics regarding their eDiscovery spend and data points across their litigation matters in real-time. Further, these clients require a means to analyze spending and utilization of data footprint to increase efficiency and optimization across practice groups within their organization.

Solution: A proprietary ID application was created to provide our Managed Services clients with access to a virtual portal containing interactive business intelligence reports, real-time case dashboards, live links to various applications utilized to support litigations, and other state-of-the-art case management tools. In the process of developing the solution, we collaborated with our financial services client to ensure our product improvements specifically addressed their business needs.

Execution: ID collaborated with the end client to understand their business goals and used that feedback to create custom features within an interactive virtual portal tool. Once the application was live, ID held demos to familiarize end users with the product.

Results: A portal application was created that provides customized business intelligence for our client, which helps them better analyze their organization’s eDiscovery costs. Their use of our business intelligence portal has helped them realize 7-figures of annual savings over the standard eDiscovery market.

Problem: The exponentially growing costs of eDiscovery in the face of growing competition in the marketplace have created the expectation that a law firm’s eDiscovery department will run at a deficit to support day-to-day requirements in litigation support.

Solution: Leveraging a data footprint oriented managed services contract, a workflow was devised to identify and create pass-through invoices to clients for ID costs related to database hosting, user access, miscellaneous ediscovery costs and time spent at the project level. The purpose of this invoicing system was to ensure that our law firm client would be able to turn a profit from any eDiscovery tasks performed for any of their matters. The process was developed in phases that allowed for identification and invoice preparation, client review and feedback, and then ultimate invoice creation to upload into the client’s system for distribution to end clients.

Execution: ID tightly collaborated with our law firm partners and accounting team to establish eDiscovery practice goals and define matter specifics, pertinent invoicing codes, and rates to utilize for all services across the EDRM. The Law firm identified the profit mark they sought to achieve and set rates for services accordingly. Subsequently, we devised a customized strategic workflow that synced ID’s costs to the law firm’s accounting system, allowing for invoice distribution to end clients in a timely fashion month-over-month.

Results: Ultimately, a process was created that itemized charges from ID and passed charges along to end clients.  Since implementation, the law firm has met and exceeded its target profit margin. In addition to profits again being achievable, the law firm is extremely pleased to have a workflow in place that accomplishes timely invoice delivery each month and minimizes the overhead for the firm’s accounting department.

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