Digital Transformation & Platform Modernization

Move to the cloud, retire file shares, upgrade or move to/from platforms, containerize, decommission archives or legacy systems, and migration of content.

The biggest benefits of digital transformation and platform modernization is creating workflows that enable businesses to meet customers and employees where they are—working remotely, shopping on mobile devices, or engaging on social media, for example. Fast, paperless data processing becomes possible through automated systems that are secure and accurate. EVERYONE WINS when engagement and transactions are convenient, easy, and secure!

Here is the IG journey for digital transformation and platform modernization:

  • Content Analysis and Content Cleanup

    ID helps you analyze, index, search, track, and report on the content you have residing across your enterprise, and then build a plan that achieves compliance and efficiency.

  • Data Classification

    Enriching your content by tagging it with metadata increases findability, value, efficiency, governance, and makes content more actionable. Easily find what you need.

  • Data Privacy and Compliance

    ID will work with your team to setup policies and procedures compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations. This protection provides the security needed to govern data with business, legal and regulatory value until it can be defensibly deleted.

  • Data Mapping

    By creating a detailed data map, we find all data sources, known and hidden, making tracking, classification, and digital transformation possible.

  • Data Security Governance

    Modern systems enable a comprehensive cybersecurity plan, protecting customers, employees, and anyone else that engages with your business from the fallout of a costly data breach!

  • Process Automation

    Modern automation and integration leverages microservices, SaaS architecture, and technologies to streamline business processes.

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Innovative Driven’s expertise, capacity, and customer service are impeccable and we trust them with everything from small matters to bet the company litigation.


The IDentify tool is pretty user friendly and provides our organization with a transparent and filtered way to review ROT. We have made it further in this journey in the last year using this product over the previous 11 years of “suggested” manual cleanup


City of Bellevue

The ID team has always been receptive and knowledgable in helping us navigate our projects.


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Very responsive team and helped us work to meet our deadline efficiently.


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Your team is terrific and responsive to all requests, Night and day. We always received good quality support in all my cases.


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I love my dedicated team. Super responsive and helpful.


We utilize many different providers; ID, and moreover, their excellent team, have literally set the standard for expectations and example of a true partner and an absolutely fantastic provider. Truly world class.


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My company has worked with ID on a number of projects, and the response time and creative solutions have been impressive.


Robb & James have been incredibly patient and helpful during our experiences working together and I am thankful for that! They also have always made the process easy, quick, and simple. Their guidance is much appreciated.


The ID team took lead and initiated the project kick off call, unlike other vendors. The team is very responsive and thoughtful in terms of what is needed from us and the case team.


The ID team on my project has been incredibly responsive (even with my team’s late night and weekend questions). They also confirm receipt of questions and requests and they are incredibly detail oriented, which is a huge help with such a large complicate


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