RapID file transfer

RapID File Transfer allows clients to send data to us up to 25X faster than regular data transfers. You can transfer information from anywhere in the world at speeds up to 10 Gbps, changing your transfer times from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds. Your data is guarded with built-in security processes identified by industry-leading best practices to protect against incoming viruses and ransomware.

The Process

  • On-Prem Server

    Data is uploaded to an on-premise air gapped server which provides added security and additional flexibility.

  • Dedicated PM Notified

    A dedicated PM is notified immediately upon your data’s arrival and again once the upload is complete so you can begin your project without delay.

  • Data Copied to Staging

    The uploaded data is automatically copied to staging for data intake. This adds a second layer of security to these uploads because of the active anti-virus scanning ID performs on network data.

  • CRC32 Check

    The automation process runs a CRC32 check between the data on the air gapped server and the DI staging server. This step accounts for a third layer of security if data is malformed after it’s copied to the DI Staging environment.

  • Evidence Item Created

    An Evidence Item is automatically created in ServiceNow for each RapID File Transfer upload.

  • Data Intake Automation

    Begins – Next, ID’s data intake automation begins, which includes first level uncompression, a file list, and a first contact report. Virus reporting and uncompression reporting happens automatically.

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