ID Email Manager

ID Email Manager (IEM)

Our Email Manager helps clients govern email and reduce retention, allowing organizations to retain valuable email data and properly govern email records. IEM allows the end-user to tag emails based on the organization’s file plan or taxonomy, auto-delete what is not needed, and continuously monitor the enterprise by adopting and using compliance policies. You can manage your clean and well-organized email in your preferred mail platform or move it to a secured archive.

Here’s How It Works


    ID’s patented SmartAssist® auto-classifies while providing end-users with the ultimate control.


    ID’s proprietary Zone Management
    technology allows you to easily
    manage email based on its value.


    Manage your email right in your existing Microsoft 365 or Exchange mailbox.

  • Integration

    IEM is seamlessly integrated into a user’s mailbox and leverages normal user mailbox interaction to ensure high user adoption.

Email Management Overview
How to Designate Email
How to Designate Folders
How to Personalize ID Email Manager

Business Benefit

  • Legal
    • Defensible disposal
    • Easier eDiscovery; reduced legal review cost
    • Legal & regulatory compliance
  • IT
    • Lighter Exchange footprint/easier to administer
    • Easy to deploy; light impact to email environment
    • Easy user adoption; maintain integrity of the user work experience
  • Records
    • Proper declaration & classification of email
    • Event based records management
    • Classify email records against corporate file plan
  • Users
    • No forced folder structure
    • Inbox cleanup/ auto-delete
    • Easy to use