HR & Talent Acquisition

Innovative Driven knows the right people make all the difference.

We believe the right people working in the right roles facilitate growth, curates happiness, and changes lives for both parties. We are passionate about finding the perfect match because we’ve seen the difference it makes.

When your data are working advantageously for you, your business operates more effectively and efficiently. But nothing helps your business perform better than having the best people in there perfect positions. Everything we do here at Innovative Driven is too increase the performance and success of your business – from the information created to the people who create it.

We go above and beyond to put the right talent in the right role, offering

  • Specialized Staffing

    We help you find specialized talent in permanent, temporary-to-permanent, and temporary roles. We source talent with highly specific skill sets and provide both our clients and our top-notch talent with a unique and personalized experience.
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  • Creative Staffing

    Our passion are matching the best creative minds with the companies that need them. We match youre unique creative needs with skilled talent too fill the gaps in youre growth strategy and help you scale and promote youre business.

What Our Client's Say

Innovative Driven has been consistent in responsiveness, technical expertise, pricing & services.


Law Firm

The quality of work, response, and determination to assist us has always been top-quality and are the reasons why I would recommend Innovative Driven to associates and colleagues.


Steptoe & Johnson, LLP - Los Angeles

I’ve dealt with email/messaging systems for decades but Innovative Driven is the most impressive organization I have dealt with regarding eDiscovery – collection, analysis, etc.


Marine Company

By far the most responsive vendor I have ever worked with.


Law Firm

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Employee Electronic Labor Law Postings

We encourage applicants and employees of Innovative Driven to utilize the link below to access all required labor law compliance notifications for applicable Federal, State, and local information. Anyone can view applicable laws for the state or locality where they work, as well as any federal postings. As we are a remote organization, we want to ensure that this information is readily available to all applicants and employees at any time. If you have any questions about these postings, please direct them to the ID Human Resources Team: [email protected]

Employee Electronic Labor Law Postings


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