Leverage your investment: Unleashing the cost savings of M365 through data migrations

  • Innovative Driven
  • Published on July 20th, 2023

Are you getting the most out of your investment in Microsoft 365? Are you tired of managing old archives and file shares, struggling to find the right document at the right time, and worrying about data security?

It’s time to consider migrating to Microsoft 365 (M365) and save money along the way!

The traditional archive and file share approach is costly, outdated, inefficient, and leaves your organization vulnerable to security threats. On the other hand, M365 provides a modern, secure, and collaborative platform that you are already paying for. By migrating your archive and file share content to M365, you’ll be taking a bold step towards saving money and transforming your organization by unlocking its full potential.

In the webinar ID Experts will explore the benefits of migrating your content to M365 to save money and unlock its full potential. The importance of data insights in a migration

  • Apply ROT policies to your data to establish the value for migration
  • Understand M365 licensing as it pertains to migration activities
  • Best practices around general data classifications and tags

We’ll also provide practical tips and best practices related to migration strategies and information architecture activities as they relate to Microsoft 365.